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CONNECT your customers poolside as they use your store brands -


...customer water quality history online using our secure network. Instantly view test results and help them solve problems anytime.


...customer trust & loyalty as customers enjoy instant treatment advice with your brands and targeted messages or your store specials.

View Customer's:

Every test result (time, date, result)

Every treatment (time, date, chemical dosage)

Water balance trends (graphs each test parameter)

Maintenance performed (time, date, equipment, action)

Pool construction (type, volume, surface)

Equipment specs (make, model, serial #)

Chemical line (type, brand)

Chemical usage (amount of chemical used)



Benefits for Dealer:

A new marketing tool to broadcast store messages without direct mail expenses

Recommends the retailer’s chemical brands

Demonstrates your ability to stay on the cutting edge by offering modern conveniences

Clients will test and treat water more frequently to maintain proper water chemistry

Pool/spa owner can “order ahead” by sending results to a dealer for a chemical pickup


Benefits for Customer:

Photo-scan (iPhone or Android) or manually enter test results

Instant detailed treatment instructions

Ideal water balance - no more guessing and calculating

Records all test results

Records all treatment recommendations and actions

Maintenance schedules, reminders and alerts

Problem Solver

Customer and Dealer Portals

Protects against scale and corrosion

Protects pool and spa owner's investment


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