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Below, you will find some frequently asked questions regarding Insta-LINK® HOME.  If you don’t find the question or the answer you were looking for, just send us a quick email.

Is there a Free Trial?
If you have an Android® smartphone or an Apple® iPhone® you can download the Insta-LINK® HOME app for free.  With the free app, you will have access to a few limited features.  Otherwise, there is no free trial.

Is Insta-LINK® HOME an app or a subscription?
Insta-LINK® HOME is a web based pool and spa maintenance program.  The program can be accessed via an internet connected computer or through the smartphone application.

What if I don’t have internet access?
Insta-LINK® HOME, whether using the app or the web portal, requires an internet connection.

What devices/phones are supported with Insta-LINK® HOME app?
The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are all supported devices, though the device must be able to run iOS version 4.3 or newer. Most Android® phones are also supported, though it is not recommended that the Insta-LINK® HOME app be used on an Android® tablet. Your Android® device must be able to run version 2.3.3 or newer. As always, you can log into the Insta-LINK® HOME portal through any computer with an active connection to the internet.

Does this really work?
Absolutely!  Feel free to download the free app on your iPhone® or Android® smartphone and try it out for yourself!

What test strips can I use to take photos with the app?
The following test strips are supported:  The Insta-LINK® 5.  The Insta-LINK® branded test strips can be acquired only by purchasing a SmartScan™ Test Strip Scanner Kit.

Do I need to use the SmartScan™ Card when photo-scanning strips with my smartphone?
Yes.  The SmartScan™ Card is essential for photo-scanning and pictures taken without it will be rejected by the system.  The card helps our system properly analyze color in various lighting conditions and from various cameras.

How do I get a SmartScan™ Card
The primary way to get a SmartScan™ Card is by purchasing SmartScan™ kit from your local pool or spa dealer.  If your dealer doesn’t carry them, you can also purchase one from our online store.

How does lighting affect my test strip scan results?
Use of the SmartScan™ Card while photo-scanning test strips will reduce errors due to lighting and color conditions, but the following should be considered when photo-scanning:  avoid direct sunlight, avoid casting shadows across the test strip and card when taking a picture, avoid darkened areas with too much shade, do not use your smartphone camera flash.

Insta-Link® HOME isn’t giving me treatment recommendations, it’s just telling me my test values are low, ok, or high.  What gives?
Insta-Link® HOME begins as a free app.  In the free version, Insta-Link® acts just like a basic strip scanner and responds only with whether your test parameters (free chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, ect) are within range or not.  You can upgrade to Insta-Link® HOME Advanced by purchasing a SmartScan™ Advanced5 Kit from your local retailer or signing up for the service on our website. 

What happens if I purchase another SmartScan™ Advanced5 kit and activate another PIN before my first year is finished?
You’ll get another 365 days of service added to the end of your cycle.

How do I link to my local dealer?
After you login to Insta-LINK® HOME for the first time from your smartphone, you will be taken through a first time setup.  During this you will be asked to supply a dealer code.  Your local Insta-LINK® Dealer will provide you with a 5-digit dealer code that will connect you to their store.

What information does the dealer get when I link to their store?
The Dealer can see your name and address as well as your pool or spa volume and all of the water test history.  This will help your dealer provide you more detailed care when diagnosing water issues.

Now that I have Insta-LINK® HOME, do I really need to visit my dealer anymore?
Absolutely.  Insta-LINK® HOME is not meant to replace the expertise of your local dealer, it is meant to improve your day to day water maintenance.  It provides instructions for keeping your water balanced and safe, basically providing chemical dosage based on test strip results.  If something happens to your water outside of regular maintenance issues, your dealer is still the best source of information for treating your pool or spa.

Is my data secure?
Extremely.  We will do the utmost to protect your data, and we will never distribute or sell it to other parties.  With that in mind, a strong password for your account always improves security.  A good rule is to keep your password at least eight character longers, use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters (like !, %, and #), and never use whole words or easy to figure our personal information like the name of your children or your birthday.

Can I edit the ideal ranges?
No.  The ideal ranges are set by your dealer.  If you are not linked to a dealer, the ideal ranges are based on the APSP guidelines.

The bottle of strips that came in my SmartScan™ Advanced5 kit does not have a color chart on the back.  How am I supposed to use these? 
The Insta-Link® branded strips included in your SmartScan™ Kit are specially formulated to work with the Insta-LINK® app.  Use those strips to take pictures.

Setting up Your Insta-LINK® Account


Insta-LINK® Photo Scan Testing Tutorial


         Taking a picture with your smartphone

1. Hold phone level over
    SmartScan strip.
2. Use the side of your
    hand or fingers to
    stabilize the camera.
3. Press and Hold the
    camera button then
    move camera up &
    down to focus.
4. Release camera button
    when white lines are on
    corners and strip is in
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